Addicted to mud run

March 16, 2017

The "Ice-Breakers" team want to show there is a bright future away from addiction.

A GROUP of former drug addicts will hit Mad Cow Mud Run course to show that all obstacles can be overcome.

The Ice-Breakers team was assembled by personal trainer Simon Gilboy to give a group of young men going through drug rehabilitation a goal to look forward to.

Mr Gilboy knows the challenges of addiction, having been hooked on amphetamines as a young man where he grew up in Western Sydney.

After years of dependence, he left NSW 10 years ago with just a few dollars in his pocket and headed to Teen Challenge, a rehabilitation and residential treatment facility in Kyabram.

After getting clean, he got married, had two children and started a personal training business before he came back to Teen Challenge to become a mentor for the young men who were going through the struggles that previously haunted him.

‘‘A part of my journey is saying you can have that beautiful life; I have come back to give them hope,’’ Mr Gilboy said.

He said for many years his life followed a simple cycle of working and buying drugs, and it was hard to see a way away from addiction.

‘‘Then I realised I had to take responsibility for myself and stop blaming others,’’ he said.

‘‘I said, ‘I will do whatever it takes’.’’

One of his proteges, Miad Barahuee, 24, has already made big changes in his life after years dominated by ice and crime.

‘‘From the age of 16, I was in and out of prison,’’ Mr Barahuee said.

‘‘I was just doing armed robberies and was on methamphetamine.’’

He made the decision to change after becoming a father and has been clean of drugs for 12 months.

Physical fitness with training from Mr Gilboy was a large part of his recovery, and he now feels enthusiastic about what is in front of him.

‘‘Sometimes the memories come back to me and it is a challenge,’’ he said.

‘‘But I know that I am doing the right thing, I am fighting my demons, I’m just getting better day by day.’’

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