Watt on earth?

November 13, 2017

OSWALD St residents were shocked to find a fallen powerline, which was still live, lying on the road on Monday afternoon.
Locals were alerted to the fallen line just before 3pm when it was driven over by a car, causing a massive bang.
‘‘I thought it was a motorbike at first. I’m just so thankful the driver wasn’t hurt at all,’’ resident Jessica Emini said.
Jessica and her neighbours quickly took charge of the situation, forming a perimeter of wheelie bins around the live line before calling emergency services.
Kyabram Fire Brigade’s Second Lieutenant Peter Ferguson commended them on their quick thinking.
‘‘It was a good idea to put those wheelie bins out and stop traffic,’’ he said.
‘‘Still, in dangerous situations like these, we urge people to stay as far away from power lines as possible. A minimum of eight metres at least. Just keep your distance, stay safe and let the fireys do their job.’’
Powercor arrived later to reattach the line.
Emergency services are unsure what caused the powerline to fall.

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