Greens turns into swimming pool

December 06, 2017

Stanhope Bowls Club. PHOTO: Jenny Crilly.

JOHN Gibbs needed a submarine to inspect the greens at Stanhope at the weekend.

A total of 192 mm of rain hit the town at the weekend and the lower rink was filled to the brim with water with no way of escape.

As much of Stanhope Public Park Reserve became a swamp, Stanhope Bowls Club greenkeeper Gibbs said there was nowhere for the rain to drain.

‘‘We’ve been down there (at the club) the whole time with it and we’ve had a minor problem getting the water away, so the (Campaspe) Shire will have to be contacted because that area is the only part of town that doesn’t drain properly,’’ he said.

‘‘The water builds up and builds up and then floods back through the tennis court, we’ve got stormwater drain pipes along the back of the tennis courts and they drain back into the underground drains.

‘‘This compounded the whole show because the bowling club couldn’t pump water out to the back of the tennis club because it was flooded and the street was flooded.’’

With no way to dry the greens, the Goulburn Valley men’s triples final scheduled at Stanhope was postponed until this Sunday.

East Shepparton coach Josh Thornton will instead have to wait a week to lead his men into competition against Stanhope’s Scott Donaldson.

But there was no chorus of Why does it always rain on me? coming from Gibbs’ speakers.

In fact, it is not even the worst Gibbs has seen the greens.

‘‘The clubhouse green was the best green in the Goulburn Valley until four days ago,’’ he said.

‘‘Lots of time goes into it, but anyway that’s part of the nature.

‘‘We’ve been there done that so many times we’re used to it, we just go with the flow.’’

‚óŹ All Goulburn Valley Bowls Division matches were cancelled on Saturday morning due to the persistent rain overnight on Friday.

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