Check your gas connection today

January 03, 2018

PEOPLE are being reminded to look before they cook this summer.

With 40 per cent of barbecue fires caused by gas leaks, Energy Safe Victoria is appealing to backyard chefs to check gas connections and exercise common sense around barbecues.

‘‘Barbecues are a summer-time mainstay. A simple check of the gas connections ensures you don’t have leaks which can cause fires and result in nasty injuries, especially to children,’’ Victorian energy safety director Paul Fearon said.

“We want to see kids enjoying the summer, not laid up in hospital particularly as a result of preventable accidents such as a barbecue fire.”

According to ESV statistics there were as many as one barbecue fire a day during the summer months.

“It’s as simple as spraying soapy water on your gas connections before you start cooking. If it doesn’t bubble, everything is fine. If it does, replace your gas connections, the hose, or the gas bottle.”

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