Pet store fit for a king

January 03, 2018

Robert Flanigan has big plans for Scales and Tails, The Pet Palace.

IT’S the pet store fit for a king.

Find your next best friend at Kyabram’s Scales and Tails, The Pet Palace.

Turning his hobby into a reality, Robert Flanigan has taken over the Allan St pet store, and while it may not look like much at the moment, big plans are afoot.

Whether you’re after a bird, rabbit, guinea pig or fish, Scales and Tails is your go-to store.

“I’ve got seven tanks at home running and I’m trying to get salt water fish in so there’s going to be a big building process coming up,” he said.

“At the moment I’m stocking smaller birds such as budgies to start off with because they’re much easier to hand-tame compared with the larger birds.”

There are also supplies for anyone looking to maintain and revive their pet’s tank or cage.

His passion for feathered and scaly animals came from his father, who had quite a collection of birds.

“My old man had every single Rosella you could think of, it was a kind of outlet and so I figured why not turn my hobby into a reality? And here we are today,” he said.

But if you’re looking for a four-legged friend, Robert suggests improving the life of a dog or cat who has found their way to the pound.

“I’m sending everybody to the pound if they’re after cats or dogs, simply because I think it’s cruel to keep the animals here in such a small shop,” he said.

“There are a lot of homeless animals that need adopting. Some are just amazing, my recommendation is if you want a pet to head out there and change the life of one who may have been neglected.”

Scales and Tails, the Pet Palace is now open at 254 Allan St.

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