Forty years since Star Wars, turtlenecks and the Bee Gees

January 04, 2018

Kyabram High School students are looking forward to a 40-year reunion.

THEY were the years Star Wars hit the cinemas, turtlenecks were all the rage and girls were swooning over Barry from the Bee Gees.

And this year students who went to Kyabram High School between 1973 and 1978 will be reuniting to reminisce on the good old days.

A 40 year reunion is planned for October 13 and 14, with all past students and teachers from the five-year era encouraged to come along.

In addition to a gathering at the Kyabram Club on Saturday night, co-ordinator Brendan Primmer is hoping to organise a tour around their old school grounds.

‘‘It’s changed a bit since we were there. It used to just be the high school but now it’s combined,’’ he said.

And that’s not the only change — past students remember how the art teacher used to smoke a pipe during class, girls’ hemlines were measured and there were gender segregated classes such as woodworking and home economics.

But the school was a trailblazer in other aspects.

‘‘During our schooling time girls were allowed to wear trousers in winter. Way before their time. This has only been very recently allowed in most secondary schools,’’ Brendan added.

For more information, call Brendan on 0439 988 941, visit the ‘‘Kyabram High School 1973 to 1978 40 Year Reunion’’ Facebook page or email [email protected] or [email protected].

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