NBN experience was a nightmare

January 24, 2018

Annie Dillon says connecting to the NBN wasn't easy.

AFTER its much anticipated arrival, the NBN has been causing headaches for some locals.

Reports of no internet or landline phone connections dropping out weeks into their new connections have been the horror stories residents and business owners have shared.

All the while others have simply had no trouble at all connecting to the network.

Annie Dillon said it was no easy feat connecting her business to the new network.

“I was NBN-ready when I first opened my store three years ago,’’ Annie Dillon said.

“They said it would be three easy steps, step one and two were fine but the final connection proved to be a bit of a nightmare.

“Along the main street it’s been hit and miss for businesses. Some have no trouble at all and then there are others who seem to have had no end of trouble.

“I had to go back to my old connection for a couple of months while my business landline got redirected to my mobile – at a cost to me initially.”

Switching her business over to the NBN took her almost four months after initial connection problems and continuous landline drop-outs.

“The first time it dropped out it took me one hour to get through to Telstra on the phone and get things sorted, then I got a letter from them saying that I should be connected.

“When I picked up the landline there was no dial tone, so back on the phone again.”

And all the while she was meant to be dealing with customers ordering over the phone.

“My mobile was getting that many calls after I diverted the landline — it was literally running hot,” she said.

The diversion also meant her mobile bill was getting charged for using the service, which was a necessity for business.

“I managed to get the money back from the diverting charges, but I had to sit on the phone to Telstra again,” she said.

“It’s all done by computer so they’re automatic charges that kept appearing on my bill each month.”

However it appears her troubles may be over, with no reports of trouble or failure during the past month.

“At this stage I haven’t had too many issues at the shop, but I mainly need it for the landline and not for the internet,” she said.

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