Charlie’s farewell tour

April 12, 2018

Charlie Landsborough will be performing in Kyabram on May 19.

CHARLIE Landsborough is one of the United Kingdom’s most cherished entertainers, he has been on five highly successful trips to Australia and now he is about to embark on his sixth, and final, tour here.

The 76-year-old is going to make his way through Kyabram on May 19 and will perform at the Bocce Club.

Charlie’s farewell tour will run from May 4 through to June 10 and will cover five different states.

A seasoned performer, Charlie came to international attention with his best-selling hit, What Colour is the Wind, his own composition about a little blind boy’s take on the world through unseeing eyes.

Through this song from 1994, Charlie became extremely popular in Australia, and still is today.

Any Charlie Landsborough performance can include music that ranges from inspirational to country, ballad to anthem, folk to blues — all very easy on the ears.

Had he not been such a successful singer and songwriter, Charlie could easily have become a sought-after stand-up comedian as he has a natural gift for making people laugh.

Charlie said he was excited about coming back to see all the friends he’s made over five previous tours, although he knows the parting will not be so easy.

“I’ve made a lot of friends in Australia. Once the Aussies put their arms around you, they leave them there, so it will be a bit of a wrench when I go back to England after the tour in June,” he said.

“They told me that the Aussies were a lot like the Irish, which I thought was an odd thing, but they were absolutely right.

“Aussies are kindred spirits. It’s the nature of the people to be warm and outgoing — just like the people in Ireland. It’s a great place and while the weather in Ireland leaves a bit to be desired, the people are fantastic — just like in Australia.”

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