Milestone men share a magic moment

April 19, 2018

Rikki Busch with Zarli, left, and Indigo. Photo: Roland Huber.

Chris Eddy played his 150th.

LANCASTER pair Chris Eddy and Rikki Busch were chatting at training a few weeks ago when they realised their milestone matches would fall on the same day.

It was a weird coincidence for the two best mates who had shared the highs and lows of footy together.

It was all smiles at game 200 for Busch and game 150 for Eddy on the weekend however, as the game ended exactly how they wanted — a win for the Wombats over Violet Town.

“To play the game with a guy who is probably my best mate out at the club in Rikki and share the occasion made it really special,” Eddy said.

Busch echoed his words.

“Yeah to share it with him was great — we’ve been mates for a long time.”

Eddy and Busch were able to kick crucial goals on the weekend as their side ran away with the game in the last quarter.

“We knew it was going to be a really good game and it was pleasing to run away with it like we did,” Busch said.

While the milestones may have been the pre-match focus, Eddy said the main aim of the day was backing up a solid performance from round one.

“It was just business as usual when we were out on the field but the finish was great, we were able to kick away a little bit and really enjoy the end of the game.”

When asked their best memory from their respective times at Lancaster, they both game up with the same answer: the 2011 premiership win over Rushworth.

“The 2011 senior flag was really special,” Busch said.

“We got knocked out in the three preliminary finals prior to that and then to get the ultimate with a core group of boys who had been through all the heartbreak together was amazing.”

Busch’s career at the Wombats started in 2003 when he was filling in for the juniors, Eddy’s began in 2008 — two different stories that look as if they might finish together.

“I’m about 300 senior games of footy in and not many to go, to be honest,” Eddy laughed.

“I think I’m up to about 270 in total, and I’m not sure how many left,” Busch said.

“I look at all the young blokes now they are 21 and 22 and I think ‘that used to be me’ — I could almost outrun anyone on the field, now I turn to chase the ball and just watch five blokes run past me and I just shake my head.”

After starting the year with two wins, both men are excited about what the future could hold for this inexperienced group.

“We’re a very young side, fit and quick, not the biggest side but I think we have a good shot at running teams off their feet, it should be an interesting year,” Eddy said.

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