Bombers A grade netballers explosive on court

April 26, 2018

Jemma Osborne looks to snatch the ball as Eliza Linehan stands clear.

THE Bombers A grade girls have sealed their first win for the season.

Victorious against a similarly youthful Benalla side, the Ky girls managed to pull away towards the end of the second quarter to a 32-23 win.

The fresh-faced team was bolstered by premiership player Jemma Osborne who provided some seniority for the day.

Best on went to Madison Fitzgerald and co-coach Holly Butler got the encouragement award.

“Madi stepped up from B grade to play in shooter, she put on a really strong performance and held her own in the goals,” co-coach Holly Butler said.

“It’s great to have someone with such a strong presence on the court, she and Heidi Morris were great up the goal end, especially with their rotations — which is what we’re looking to focus on.”

However Butler said in the first half it looked as though they may have been in strife.

“We started off not really how we would have liked to but we managed to stay together and made some changes in the second half which made the difference,” she said.

At half time the scores were even, with the Bombers hoping to get on top and pull away.

“Towards the end of the second quarter we got momentum and got a few intercepts and turnovers which were converted,” Butler said.

“It was a very hot day, we pushed through in the second half and managed to get the lead and stay there.

“It’s good to see the hard work the girls had put in has paid off — there’s starting to be some good links down the court.

“This win makes looking forward a lot more positive.”

Butler said this week would be a test to see how well the girls could find those passages down the court.

“Obviously we’re not taking this week’s game lightly. They’re a very experienced and talented side,” she said.

“We’ll be working on our game plan and structure and hopefully we’ll come out strong against them.”

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