Ky boys hit back against Echuca

May 04, 2018

Seth Graham gets boot to the ball under pressure from Echuca at Vic Park.

KYABRAM Under 16s played against Echuca at Vic Park in round three of the Shepparton District Junior Football League.

While it was sunny conditions, the changing winds presented a challenge for both teams as it led the Sherrin astray.

Following a shocking defeat last week, the Ky boys were determined for a win and played with consistency and courage the entire game.

Echuca started the game strong, having the first few scoring opportunities for the day. Ky made a rapid response however, with a quick goal, followed by a spectacular mark from Anthony DePasquale in Ky’s goal square and another goal conversion. Ky took the lead midway through the first quarter.

During the second quarter the score for both teams continued to rise, toe to toe. Darcy Keck had already racked up three goals and Blake McMeeken slotted a lovely one through under pressure.

Ky was one point down when Brayden Hall took a strong mark 40m out from Ky’s goal on the half-time siren. With a strong, straight kick after the siren, Brayden’s goal enabled Ky to take the lead into the second half.

The third quarter saw a goaling spree from Kyabram, one from Connor McLeod in the goal square following a selfless handball from Jack Norris.

The Ky boys displayed a consistent, all-round team effort and were able to maintain their lead into the fourth quarter before being rewarded with a comfortable win over Echuca. The final score: Kyabram 75 def Echuca 46.

Coaches Scott Fleming and Leigh Hall were pleased with the lift displayed by the boys following last week’s loss. Best on ground: Kalab Ford, followed by Mitch Fitzgerald, Zavier Briggs, Liam Scopelitti, Blake McMeeken and Anthony DePasquale.

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