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May 16, 2018

Rob Hogan Tongala PS Principle, Kevin Livingston, Branch Manager Tongala and District Community Branch and librarian Julie Dullard with student leaders Abby Waarsdorp, Lilly Tinning, Ryan Smith and Marley McConnell.

TONGALA Primary School has been on the receiving end of a generous grant from the Tongala and District Community Bank to be put towards improving reading facilities throughout the school.

“Believe, Achieve and Grow is the Tongala Primary School’s motto and a recent grant received from the Tongala and District Community Bank is about to help them to deliver these values,” the bank said in a statement.

“To improve its current reading program the Tongala Primary School is looking to purchase multiple sets of popular books and to have multiple copies of new release novels available to its students while also creating a mini library in each classroom.

“These few simple steps will allow the students to be immersed in books that they are currently interested in.

“Students will then be able to read the same book at the same time as a friend and then review and discuss the book together.

“Having the book available at the time a child wants to read it is critical in fostering and preserving their interest and attraction to books.

“The school is also looking at implementing a book exchange program. This will allow the students to swap books they have at home with one that has been brought in by another student, increasing the diversity and range of books being on offer at Tongala Primary School.

“Tongala and District Community Bank congratulates the Tongala Primary School on its initiative to improve their students’ reading outcomes with such a great program.”

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