NT guard made tear-gassing 'scapegoat'

March 21, 2017

A former NT youth prison guard took former inmate Dylan Voller (pic) to one of his kickboxing bouts.

More guards are due to be grilled by the Northern Territory juvenile justice royal commission, after a former youth justice officer admitted to jokingly asking detainees to perform oral sex on him.

On Monday, former Don Dale Detention Centre Youth justice officer Conan Zamolo said he also urged a child to eat feces and filmed a boy urinating.

But he denied allegations from three separate detainees that he recorded a child masturbating in the shower.

A youth prison inmate also gave evidence, stating guards bribed kids to fight each other for junk food.

All levels of the chain of command, from guards to ex politicians, will face questioning during the inquiry's two-week hearing in Darwin.

Next up is former Don Dale guard Ben Kelleher, who is accused of attempting to cover a camera and swearing at former inmate Dylan Voller while standing over the cowering boy on his bed.

Previous Country Liberals Party government corrections minister John Elferink, who was sacked after footage of boys being tear-gassed was aired on national television, is expected to take the stand.

And former corrections commissioner Ken Middlebrook, who resigned after approving the gassing that sparked the inquiry, will also front the inquiry.

More past and present detainees, police, health experts and Aboriginal elders are also due to testify.

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