Milky goodness

By Holly Tregenza

ASIDE from milking a cow yourself, there is not a glass of milk that comes fresher than the new-look GV Milk Distributors’ product.

They’ve partnered with Kyvalley Dairy to bring the district milk and cream straight from local paddocks under the Kiewa brand.

It’s the first time in almost a decade that the Kyvalley Dairy milk will be available locally.

GV Milk Distributors changed hands at the start of July and one of the first things new owners Michael and Irene Leijen did was switch to the Ky supplier.

“Buying locally and supplying local is really important to me and one of the most important reasons we are passionate about GV Milk Distributors as a company,” said Mrs Leijen.

“Before we took control of the company, the milk was coming from well outside the district.

“Dairy farmers are having a rough time and we need to be buying local and supplying local wherever we can.”

Kyvalley Dairy director Wayne Mulcahy praised the new partnership and said they had looked at buying GV Milk Distributors close to a year ago but couldn’t find the right person to run it.

“Irene is managing the company and is a wonderful, passionate person for the job,” he said.

“Working with Irene has been terrific and we are very pleased to be able to supply products locally.

“We will be doing everything we can to support Irene and see the company grow.

“It’s a great outcome for us and for them. She’s a very strong supporter of local products.”

Kyvalley Dairy is family-run and has a history with the local dairy industry that spans five generations. They employ more than 120 people at the Ky facility and are supplied by 20 top-notch local dairy farmers.

“Kyvalley Dairy have been absolutely wonderful to work with,” Mrs Leijen said.

“They’ve been extremely supportive throughout the whole transition and we are both looking forward to growing the business.”

Kiewa milk is available at IGA in Kyabram and Tatura and is supplied to cafes, restaurants and pubs across the region.

Commercial kitchens interested in having their milk supplied from local farms can contact GV Milk Distributors by calling 0427 260 503.