‘Poore Bob’ has his own bowls event

By Southern Riverina News

Finley Bowling Club has welcomed the news that popular member Bob Poore has chosen to sponsor an annual pairs event for the next eight years.

The event — cheekily titled ‘Poore Bob Pairs’ — started last year and is sponsored out of Bob’s own pocket, such is his passion for the club. The most recent event was held last month.

The idea to have an event named after Bob started about 18 months ago, but where the money for the event came from started about five years ago when he joined the Bowling Club.

‘‘I won money in the raffle twice and didn’t know what to do with it; I didn’t need the money,’’ Poore said.

‘‘I told Fred Braybon (club manager) to put it back into the club and he said the club would use it for something eventually.

‘‘Unfortunately my wife Dawn died two years ago and they were thinking of putting a memorial up for her, however since they joke around about me as ‘Poore Bob’ they thought it would stick better.

‘‘They all call me ‘Poore Bob’ around the club and it’s now even on my bowls jacket.’’

The ‘Poore Bob Pairs’ was originally $600 in combined prizemoney, but it was elevated to $1000 this year.

Bob, 88, said the recent ‘Poore Bob Pairs’ event was a success.

‘‘It was good to see about 26 pairs sign up and it filled the club right up,’’ he said.

‘‘Hopefully it can be like that every year. Last year it was full and quite a few of them came back to bowl again this year.’’

Bob never played bowls before joining the club five years ago. He lives close by and frequently visits the ‘Bowlo’, attending the Thursday and Friday night raffles.

Bob said he plays with a bowler’s arm and usually leads during pennant season.

Despite the bowler’s arm and a lack of experience it hasn’t stopped him from improving and even taking home a few tournament titles including the Club Pairs Championships with top Finley Bowling Club bowler Geoff Trevorrow.

‘‘The special tournaments are quite good, like the Rotary Bowls Day which is always good to play,’’ Bob said.

‘‘I never played bowls until I joined the club ... it gets me out and about and it’s a good activity.

‘‘I don’t rate myself very highly but I have improved a lot since I started.

‘‘The people are all right. I don’t have any trouble with them or get into any fights,’’ Bob laughed.

‘‘You can get good help from your fellow players; they will always tell me where I’m going right and wrong.’’