Looking back: Gordon sent off in style

By Kyabram Free Press

MEMBERS of the Kyabram South Gun Club and families met at Mr and Mrs W Hunt’s home, “St. Hubert’s”, to honour Mr Gordon McLeod. Gordon was leaving the district for his new home in Cressy, Victoria.

More than 50 were present and all “joined in heartily in doing honour to their special guest who was their genial and efficient young member and secretary”.

The decorations were in the hands of the ladies and were most artistic and appropriate. Three gold-fringed banners of silk, one each of red, white and blue, bore the inscription in gold lettering, “Au Revoir”, “God be with you till we meet again” and “Will you nae come back again, Laddie.” The banners were hung in conspicuous places, while a gun and cartridges rested on a tall silver stand in the centre of the banqueting table.

A presentation was made by a pioneer resident of the district, Mr David Stewart Menzies, aged 80 years, who presented Gordon with a fine travelling bag, bearing the following inscription – “Presented to Mr Gordon McLeod as a token of esteem from the members of the Kyabram South Gun Club. March 2nd 1912.’’

Singing and games were indulged in by the younger members present, while the older members entered heartily into the enjoyment of whist etc.

The evening closed with singing “Auld Land Syne”, hearty good wishes and cheers for Gordon McLeod.

The families included the McLeods, Hunts, Menzies, Andersons, Allans, Telfords, Pells, Wilsons, Downings, Clements and Taylors. Mr David Menzies, nursing his grandson Neil, is seated in the front. I am presuming the young gentleman seated on the left of him to be the guest of honour, Gordon McLeod.

■Compiled by Eileen Sullivan, Kyabram Historical Society voluntary librarian from the files of the Kyabram Free Press.