Hope remains

By Andrew Johnston

THERE IS the slightest flicker of hope.

Rochester is not out of the hunt for the Goulburn Valley League football finals.

A lot would need to go the Tigers way, but they could still make it.

But the Tigers are realistic about their chances of making the finals, they know how difficult it would be to make it.

And while they haven’t given up on that hope, it is fair to say their attentions have shifted in recent weeks to just producing the best football they can in final weeks of the season.

And the Tigers did that on Sunday afternoon with a 37-point win against Seymour.

It wasn’t their best display of the season — the Tigers kicked 9.16 — but the win was the focus for the Tigers.

‘‘It was a good result for us,’’ coach James Flaherty said.

‘‘We didn’t take all our opportunities, we probably didn’t use the ball as well as we could throughout he game, but at the end of the day the focus is that we won the game.

‘‘Seymour came up here earlier in the season and got the points, and that’s something we spoke about in the lead up to this game, that we wanted to get them back for that.

‘‘So for us to come up to Seymour and get the win is something we are really happy about.’’

Flaherty said the game provided the team an opportunity to experiment with different options on the field.

‘‘We played a few of our guys out of position,’’ he said.

‘‘You get to this stage and decide to try a few different things, playing different guys in different positions opens you up to being able to use them in a different way when you have issues on the field.’’

And he will continue to experiment this week as the Tigers play Shepp United.

‘‘We are at that point in the season where we can afford to try these things, and we will go into the game against United aiming to win, and will produce our best football, but we will also try to do some things differently.’’

But the finals are not high on his list of priorities.

‘‘We know in of ourselves that finals is a long shot,’’ he said.

‘‘We’d obviously love to make them, but it is going to be difficult and we will need a lot to go our way if we are going to make it.

‘‘So our focus is going to remain on playing our absolute best football for the remainder of the season.’’