Notre Dame College MND Ice Bucket Challenge

By Shepparton News

Teachers from Notre Dame College Emmaus Campus braved the cold yesterday to raise much-needed funds for motor neurone disease.

Students from the McAuley Champagnat Programme happily threw dozens of icy buckets of water over four of their teachers as the college took part in the MND Ice Bucket Challenge.

Participant in the challenge and McAuley Champagnat Programme director Peter Chalkley said the college was building on the momentum of Neale Daniher efforts in Melbourne last week.

‘‘We have staff and students in our community who have been touched by MND, so we think taking part in the Big Freeze is really worthwhile,’’ Mr Chalkley said.

The students had to raise a certain amount of funds before the teachers committed to the chilly challenge.

‘‘There was a target and the students donated money between themselves to achieve it,’’ he said.

The McAuley Champagnat Programme gives children who are disengaged with typical school environment an opportunity to take part in an alternative education program.

Mr Chalkley said the event was a great outcome and gave a sense of purpose for the students.

Dressed in a karate uniform for the challenge, Mr Chalkley said he wore it so he could feel as tough and as strong as he could before taking the plunge into the numbing waters.