Susie the mane man

By Brayden May

SPORT sometimes comes naturally to people — but animals can also fall into that category.

Wyuna farrier Brendan ‘Bruno’ Robinson has discovered that in recent years with his horse An Acre Named Sue.

Earlier this month, Susie — the stallion’s stable name — continued to surprise when he took out the novice and overall horse versatility sections at the Remuda Ranch Show in Elmore.

As part of the competition, Bruno and Susie competed in a range of events including ranch reining, trail, boxing, reined cowhorse, cutting, riding and conformation led classes.

More than 100 horses competed in the prestigious event.

The result was made even more special by the fact Susie had never been entered in an event of this type.

‘‘He is the easiest horse that I have ever worked with,’’ Mr Robinson said.

‘‘Everything he does feels so effortless.

‘‘Having a versatile horse makes your job much easier.’’

But Susie could have ended up in someone else’s stable — if not for a conversation with Mr Robinson’s father, Brian.

When Bruno purchased Susie as a two-year-old from the Tamworth Landmark sales, he had a set price in his mind.

As bids began to reach that figure, Brian suggested his son rethink his decision — it has since paid massive dividends.

‘‘If it wasn’t for Dad, the success probably wouldn’t have come,’’ Bruno said.

‘‘I could have ended up with a horse which was only strong in one type of event.’’

The 30-year-old first started riding horses at the age of 12, before competing in his first event at 20.

As the only member of his family who competitively rides, Bruno used Youtube as a source of education.

And the time he has dedicated to the sport has required plenty of support — in particular from Brian and his fiancée, Sophie Dickinson.

‘‘I wouldn’t be where I am today without either of them,’’ Bruno said.

‘‘I’m really grateful for the time they’ve allowed me to commit.’’