Regional Champion for Barooga

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

‘No stone will be left unturned in an effort to protect family food producers as well as rural business and communities.’ 

That is the message from a young Barooga farmer and mother as she steps up to the challenge of becoming a regional leader to help protect all Australians.

Carly Marriott has put up her hand to become a regional champion as the Speak Up Campaign ramps up its Melbourne rally for December.

“Currently there are three generations involved in our family business which includes the production of winter crops such as wheat and canola. Our summer cropping program includes corn and sudax,” Ms Marriott said. 

“We also carry 4000 head of lambs, all of which depend on access to water for their survival and ours.” 

She said Federal and State Water Ministers will meet in Melbourne in December to decide the fate of many communities across Southern NSW and Northern Victoria and we need to ensure all Australians understand the severity of the impacts to the entire if they don’t get it right.

“The ramifications of the Basin Plan, its flawed modelling and assumptions along with its unrealistic timeframes will come back to impact on all Australians,” Ms Marriott said.

“Our farmers have a reputation for producing clean and green food and we are heavily regulated to ensure our produce is of the highest standard. 

“This is something all Australians enjoy.

“But if Governments do not start protecting our water supplies and communities, food production as we have known it, as well as the rural communities which depend on it, are under threat.”

At their meeting the Ministers will decide on the additional criteria to be applied to the neutrality test for the recovery of an extra 450GL of water, which was a last-minute addition to the Basin Plan by the Labor Party while Tony Burke was Water Minister in 2012.

Interestingly enough, earlier in 2012 Mr Burke told the National Press Club there was a very good reason the MDBA set the Basin Plan recovery at 2750GL. 

“With the constraints in the system, for the extra gigalitres of water recovered you don’t get a significant environmental improvement,” he said.

Ms Marriott said that “we have to ensure city voters are aware of what their $13 billion of taxes are contributing to. 

“Do they want to continue to enjoy safe fresh food or are they happy for their taxes to support houseboats, regattas and luxury water front housing developments in South Australia?”

Anyone who would like to participate in the rally or would like more information from the Barooga region should contact Carly Marriott on 0407 305 900.