Swanpool cinema to screen new release, ‘Overcomer’

By Simon Ruppert

Screening at the Swanpool Cinema for this Sunday only, is the latest movie release from the renowned Kendrick Bothers, ‘Overcomer’.

Their previous film, ‘War Room’, also screened at Swanpool two years ago, was a box-office success. This latest effort is assured to do the same.

Put on by and for the churches of Benalla and district, Overcomer is a family-friendly, faith-boosting venture that will not disappoint.

In stark contrast to many other films, Overcomer has no profanity or bad language, nor violence, but deals with a number of mature subjects that will resonate with us, and particularly with our children.

Without spoiling the storyline, this film deals with abandonment, identity, death, anger, drug use, and many other themes; issues very relevant to our young people today.

Overcomer tells the story of Hannah Scott, a high school cross country runner (the only cross country runner on the team) who is searching for identity amidst life’s overwhelming challenges.

The boys’ high school basketball team is falling apart, so Coach John Harrison (played by the director) has been forced to also coach Hannah, who also happens to be asthmatic.

If you’re looking for a wholesome movie to inspire and uplift, then that’s where Overcomer shines. By the time you get to the end you will be cheering all the way, even as you leave the cinema.

Entry $10 - Children 16 and under free.

● For more information please call Kevin on 0427 099 199 or David on 0422 811 637.