Church’s past finds a presence in the future

By Corowa Free Press

The St Andrew’s Lutheran congregation held a belated 50th anniversary service on Sunday, October 6, coupled with a celebration to mark its inclusion with St Luke’s Lutheran Parish, Albury. 

This was a low key event to acknowledge the journey of the past 50 years and the church’s humble beginnings. 

To signal another new beginning for this congregation and prospective formation of Corowa Lutheran Community, St Luke’s turned out in numbers to welcome and celebrate this occasion. 

Together, Rita Cooper, Lorna Jongeneel, Dulcie Schmidt and Pat Brody cut the anniversary cake. 

Dulcie shared memories of the building being constructed at her parent’s factory, Mr & Mrs FW Jacob of Burrumbuttock. She was about ten years old at the time and remembers all too well the long hours and hard physical work that was required to operate a business in the early 1950’s. 

Dulcie noted that because of her father’s generosity in donating the building for use as a chapel in Wodonga, then named The Pilgrim Lutheran Church, it was used as a place of worship by various denominations. 

The building was then relocated to 32 Albert Street Corowa in 1966 where it still stands today, some 18,500 days later.