Riv journos running to raise awareness

By Riverine Herald

THEY may not be the most athletic but when Charmayne Allison and Lachlan Durling step out to represent team Riv they won’t be looking to cross the line first.

In fact, no one will be.

The 100m non-competitive DASH will see local business representatives and community leaders cross the line together, all in orange and all in the name of taking a stand against domestic abuse and gender inequality.

“Anyone who knows me has probably never seen me run – and I’m glad to say they still won’t when I lace up my sneakers for the event on Monday,” Lachlan said.

The pair will be clambering – and scouring the op-shops – for anything orange in the lead up to Monday to compete with the like of Echuca Specialist School’s out-there getup.

But, like the other participants, they’re not taking this chance to share a message lightly.

“This isn’t about how fast we can get from one point to another, or who can out-orange the competition when it comes to wardrobe – although that is a bright way to get our point across,” Charmayne said.

“It’s about taking a stand and letting people know that domestic abuse is never okay, and that there is support for victim survivors.

“The statistics are terrible. And they show just how important it is that we work together to bring an end to domestic abuse.”

On average, one woman is killed every week and one man is killed every 29 days by a partner. Sixty-three women have been killed this year to date.

“Apply those statistics to your everyday life and you can quickly see why something needs to change,” Lachlan said.

“So when we step out for team Riv alongside other businesses and community leaders, there’s only one goal – to start a conversation.”