Melbourne asked to pull their weight by Tooborac man campaigning for better tanks and bores

By McIvor Times

After successfully strong-arming Mitchell Shire into upgrading its water infrastructure, a Tooborac resident is turning his attention to Melbourne.

Former Mitchell Shire Mayor Bill Chisholm says community water points such as standpipes, tanks and bores have been left to go to ruin since their installation in 1982.

“Many have been failing over a number of years for various reasons, the main one being the drop in the water table,” Mr Chisholm said.

“This infrastructure was originally funded by the State and Federal governments as a drought mitigation measure and the shire has spent significant money over the years in maintaining them.”

Last year Mr Chisholm successfully got the Mitchell Shire Council to upgrade two of the 13 water points in need of repair.

“Council has been prepared to step up to the mark, and it’s about time the State Government showed some initiative,” he said.

“Many farmers and other in the community have spent large amounts of money on deepening and enlarging damns, putting in tanks and trying other measures to secure more water.”

Mr Chisholm said the lack of rural knowledge among “politicians in Spring Street” was making progress hard.

“There seems to be a huge disconnect and a distinct lack of knowledge between the rural and urban communities on the impacts of drought and the importance of water to everyone.”

A community meeting was called in late December on the issue, and 35 people attended.

Six community members, most of them CFA or retired CFA members, agreed to act as representatives to push the issue to politicians.