Police take action on road safety

Here’s looking at you: Police are focusing on keeping pedestrians safe. Photo by Rodney Braithwaite

National Road Safety Week shifted into gear on Monday, May 16, with police focusing their attention on pedestrian safety.

According to Victoria Police, pedestrian deaths have more than doubled on the roads this year.

“Currently we have had 14 reported pedestrian deaths compared with six for the same time last year,” Eastern Region Division 3 traffic manager at Victoria Highway Patrol Acting Senior Sergeant Tom Brown said.

“(And) it’ll get worse in the winter months as it gets darker earlier and driver visibility is reduced.”

Police will be holding a day of action on Wednesday, May 18, ahead of the winter months where accidents involving motorists and pedestrians are more prevalent.

“Anywhere where motorists and pedestrians can meet each other, there will be heavy police presence,” Sen Sgt Brown said.

Highway Patrol Victoria will be running this operation in conjunction with Shepparton Highway Patrol and uniformed officers.