Anna’s chairs with personality

By James Arbuthnott

Meet Lockington’s Anna Pinton and her eight chairs: Mildred, Lisa, Ashley, Queen Antionette, The Max Chair, Loved to Death and The Grim Reaper.

With names and personalities and bright as her own, Anna’s creations come straight from her imagination or are commissioned by friends and interested buyers online.

“Their names just come to me,” Anna said. "I don’t have to think about it too much, I just look at the fabric and the personalities they’re going to have.

“It’s really no different to doing a painting or a mural — it’s your personality that goes into it.”

She made The Max Chair out of Batman fabric and yellow chalk paint for her son, Max, and she made Ashley for her partner, Ashley, to sit with him on the front porch when he needs a gasp.

And Mildred, with a pink grapefruit pattern on aqua-coloured fabric with a yellow and turquoise chalky frame, is yet to find a home.

“It’s funny because when I was doing this yellow chair I was thinking ‘I really love this chair. It could go on the porch. It’s Mildred!’" Anna said.

After just a few months Anna already has a long list of clients and has given new life to coffee tables, tallboys, bedside tables and cabinets, all from her home in Lockington.

“A lot of places you go will have a painting on the wall and statues but there’s no chair statement piece,” Anna said.

“Chairs can dress up an atmosphere and it’s really up to your imagination. There are no rules and so many resources to do different textures and techniques.

“Everybody is unique and you have to express it.

Anna runs The OdD Chair Studio through her online business and can be contacted via Facebook for commissions and quotes.

She will also be attending local and regional markets and events to talk ideas, commissions and to display her latest creations.