Are traders ready for plastic bag ban?

By Shepparton News

There is less than a month until lightweight plastic shopping bags are banned, and Greater Shepparton City Council is urging businesses to be ready.

The ban includes compostable, degradable and biodegradable plastics and starts on November 1.

It will apply to all retailers and suppliers regardless of size or type — from supermarkets and fashion boutiques to fast-food outlets and petrol stations.

Until recently, Victorians have used more than 1 billion plastic shopping bags every year.

But most of these bags end up in landfill and around 10 million end up as litter, polluting the environment and endangering wildlife.

Council said the ban aligned with the Victorian Government’s agenda to reduce single-use plastics and plastic pollution more broadly, and to shift from a linear model of resource consumption to a circular economy of reuse and recovery.

For information, visit the Vic Bag Ban website.