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September 07, 2017

KDHS board concern

I WRITE to express disappointment at the appointment of two ‘‘out of town’’ board directors to the Kyabram District Health Service (Free Press, August 9).

For at least the past three decades volunteer community board members (supported by proactive CEOs) have provided drive and passion and successfully fulfilled their role. They achieved a high standard of infrastructure improvement (mostly self-funded), an outstanding level of clinical and aged care services that is the envy of towns far larger than Kyabram, and adherence to all the legal and moral obligations required by statutory government health bodies. But most importantly, they retained an intense desire that we continue to be recognised as an independent health service provider of local regional significance.

My concern is by no means a reflection on the qualifications of the appointees but my question is why has this been deemed as necessary?

An added worry is this could be a precursor to further influence that may be imposed by bureaucracy and thus minimise the control of our own highly successful health organisation.

The overall provision of health services in Kyabram is crucial to the growth of the local community.We must never lose sight of the value and merit in having local control of our health services.

Doug Crow, KDHS Life Governor

Two sides to marriage debate

THE marriage debate seems to be one-sided, and the real reason is lost in all that it’s not. It is not about marriage equality. The LGBTI community face no practical legal discrimination and have the same rights as heterosexual partners and married couples, including adopting or having surrogate children.

The real reason is to change the definition ‘Marriage is between a man and a woman’ in the Marriage Act. This is not a minor change— it is a huge change, and has lasting ramifications. I would ask you to consider – if the definition was to change, what should it be? If ‘Marriage is between those who love each other’, does that mean we can marry a family member? Or does it mean I could marry more than one person? Don’t laugh – this is already happening in some countries.

Already in this so called ‘debate’, one side is not being heard. Everywhere you turn, the reasons for keeping the current definition have been silenced. At our Shire Council meeting, where was the equal representation? I am thankful that we have been given the right to vote individually!

Don’t be silenced or bullied into believing it’s a done deal. The decisions we make will affect the society our children and grandchildren live in.

Malcolm Moore, Kyabram

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