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September 14, 2017

Commitment to end-of-life care

THE majority of Victorians want to live their final days at home surrounded by family, friends, and pleasant memories.

The Liberal-Nationals are committed to ensuring that wish is respected.

That’s why a Liberal-Nationals state government would provide $140 million – the largest investment of its kind in Australia – to ensure terminally ill patients, and their families, can get the support they need as they approach the end of their lives.

Our commitment will ensure up to 8,000 additional patients have access to palliative care.

Our package will double specialist palliative care services to community palliative care clients, especially in rural and regional Victoria.

It also includes a 50 per cent increase in funding for community palliative care provided in the home, including overnight care, in-home respite and carer support.

Research shows around 70 per cent of us would prefer to spend our final days at home.

But without a Liberal-Nationals government, barely a third of Victorians will get to realise that wish because there will continue to be inadequate funding for community-based palliative care.

Peter Walsh, Member for Murray Plains

Sensitive way to update statue

SOME are calling for the removal of Captain Cook’s statue in Sydney’s Hyde Park on the grounds that he didn’t “discover” Australia. (Australian 22/8). Reporter Stan Grant sensibly suggests the statue should not be pulled down but the inscription could be revised. An inscription indicating Captain Cook was the first person to chart the east coast of Australia enabling others to find it would be a more accurate description. This simple statement of fact should offend no one.

Gerald Bleasdale, Kyabram

Striving for excellence is hard

IN ORDER not to lose votes, politicians have to be diplomatic.

Rather than calling a spade a spade, they keep beating around the bush.

Since the end of World War II our population has trebled.

But not so our infrastructure, energy and water supplies, healthcare, accommodation and so on.

It takes money, time and lot of strenuous efforts to keep them all up to date.

And by the time any improvements have been made, they are likely to become inadequate and obsolete, due to the constant increase of population.

As a result of it Australia keeps falling back in the international race.

We should be striving for excellence, rather than consoling ourselves that we are still better off than some other countries.

Jiri Kolenaty, Rushworth

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