October 20, 2017

This week there were mixed results with two teams winning and two teams going down by small margins.


THIS week there were mixed results with two teams winning and two teams going down by small margins.

Division one travelled to Hill Top and won all rinks, with the result being Kyabram 85 shots to Hill Top 62 shots. Jenni Dixon’s rink started slowly and after four ends were down eight shots to three shots.

They slowly caught up and with a six on the last end before lunch the scores were tied at 16 shots each. After lunch the scores were very close, but Kyabram were able to pull away on the last four ends. The end score was Kyabram 29 shots to Hill Top 24 shots.

Bev Button’s rink of Greg Shilling, Keith Button and Jill Barrett had a strong lead all day and went into lunch with the scores Kyabram 17 shots to Hill Top six shots. They extended their lead after lunch but on ends 18 to 25 Hill Top were able to score 11 shots to Kyabram’s six shots. The final score Kyabram 28 shots to Hill Top 18 shots. Maree Boswell’s rink had a close game.

The scores at lunch were Kyabram 13 shots to Hill Top seven shots.

After lunch Hill Top began to draw closer and on end 19 were in front 17 shots to 16 shots. Kyabram won five out of the last six ends.

On the last end Kyabram picked up four shots, to win 28 shots to 20 shots.

Division two played Shepparton Golf at home. Two rinks won and one rink lost by one shot so overall Kyabram won 85 shots to Shepparton Golf 72 shots.

The scores were close for Judy Wright’s rink of Noel Reddrop, Ian George and Dawn Preddy early in the game. After eight ends the scores were tied on 11 shots each.

After that Kyabram were able to win 12 out of the last 17 ends, with the final scores being Kyabram 31 shots to Shepparton Golf 23 shots. Marg Cox’s rink was even after six ends.

Shepparton Golf won eight out of the next 12 ends to be leading 20 shots to 10 shots on end 18. Kyabram won the next two ends and on end 20 the scores were Kyabram 23 shots to Shepparton Golf 20 shots.

On the last five ends Kyabram were able to score another eight shots and came away with a win, 31 shots to Shepparton Golf’s 25 shots. Terri Thomson’s rink started well and after six ends were eight shots to two shots up. Shepparton Golf drew closer and on end eight there was only one shot the difference. Kyabram won the next five out of six ends and the scores were Kyabram 19 shots to Shepparton Golf nine shots. Slowly Shepparton Golf drew closer again and were able to win the last five ends to come away with a win, 24 shots to Kyabram’s 23 shots. A very close game.

Division three travelled to Shepparton Park and lost overall. The only winning rink was Dianne Isaac’s rink of Fran King, Jennifer Cole and Kelvin Beacon.

They started well and after 13 ends the scores were Kyabram 17 shots and Shepparton Park six shots. After that Shepparton Park fought back and by the 21st end Kyabram were only leading by one shot. Each team won two of the last four ends but Kyabram were able to win 24 shots to Shepparton Park 21 shots. Jan MacFadyen’s rink went down by three shots, 22 to 19. After 13 ends Kyabram were leading 12 shots to Shepparton Park six shots. Unfortunately, Kyabram only won four of the last 12 ends and the final scores were Kyabram 19 shots to Shepparton Park 22 shots. Jan Beamish’s rink were behind all day. They managed to bring the scores closer, but then lost five shots on end 12. Once again, they drew closer and were three shots down on end 18. Only winning three of the last seven ends made it hard to win and the final scores were Kyabram 18 and Shepparton Part 24 shots.

Division 5 hosted Dookie at home and the final scores were very close with Dookie winning 48 shots to Kyabram 45 shots. Win Crilly’s rink were leading seven shots to two shots after seven ends. Dookie then won the next four ends, to be leading 13 shots to seven shots. Kyabram fought back and by the 21st end the scores were tied on 18 shots each. Unfortunately for Kyabram, Dookie won the last four ends and came away with a win, 24 shots to Kyabram’s 18 shots. Lucy Portia’s team of Barry Evans, Berrie McMillan and John Boardman struggled early in their game to be 24 shots to 11 shots down after 19 ends. Kyabram then won the next six ends and picked up 16 shots to win 27 shots to Dookie’s 24 shots. What a great come back.


Division 1 v Stanhope - Away - Leave 12.40

Cars: K.Risstrom, J.Greco, R.Sceney, G.Hawking

Lead: G.Hawking, R.Sceney, K.Risstrom, J.Greco. Second: G.King, K.Hubble, J.Oliver, N.Reddrop. Third: P.Denham, R.Locke, K.Button, P.McInnes*. Skipper: G. Shilling, D Cartwright, R George, G.Thornley

Divison 2 v Tatura - Home

Lead: M.Hateley, R.Anset, H.Chapman, I.George. Second: B.Button, W.Mackrell, N.DiPetta, K.Beacon. Third: P.Lomas*, C.Preddy, D.O’Brian, G.Scapin. Skipper: P.O’Brian, J.Hausler, B.Canute, P.Kendall

Division 4 v Shepp Park - Away - Leave 12.30

Cars: T.Polglaze, J.Dixon, J.Portia, M.Steven

Lead: J.Portia, J.Cartwright, M.Steven, T.Polgaze*. Second: J.Boardman, J.Locke, G.Woodcock, R.Barrett. Third: M.Greco, M.Nowasad, J.Wright, G.Hocking. Skipper: T.Hazelman, J.Dixon, B.Lindsay, R.Harrison.

Division 6 v East Shepparton - Home

B.Evans, W.Wright, M.George, N.Arthur, L.Comer, O.Cartwright, M.Boswell*, S.McIntosh

Duty Rink: B.Canute

Bar Duty: J.Hausler, D.O’Brian

Members draw — 6pm $25

Barbecue — 6.30pm $5

MEMBERS: Please be advised teams maybe changed due to availabilities and the club thanks you for your understanding. May we start the season as a club and enjoy success both on and off the green. Little ring on the inside.


THE CLUB celebrated 50 years of bowling at Merrigum on Sunday. The club rooms were filled to capacity as the large crowd enjoyed a delicious luncheon provided by Tongala Catering Services. I highly recommend them to anyone thinking of catering for a large function.

In the absence of chairman, John Firmer, Joe Chant welcomed all the visitors, especially life members Stan Coldwell and Robert Carver and the foundation member Terry Sweeney.

Terry gave an interesting account of the founding of the club on the old croquet greens and the many humorous incidents that were still vivid after all these years. Joe then gave a brief outline of the club’s achievements over the last 30 years.

Cheryl Trevaskis presented the club with a lovely photograph of her mother Estelle Turnbull on the occasion of her 100th birthday. She is one of our beloved life members.

Terry Sweeney and Stan Coldwell then unveiled the plaque that commemorates the occasion of 50 years of bowling at Merrigum. Maureen Shepherd cut the cake to conclude the official part of the celebrations.

Following this the visitors enjoyed a game of bowls with the winners being Terry Sweeney, Joyce White, Robyn Balfour and David Neeley.

The club was extremely pleased with the day and hope we can have another 50 years of bowling.

Midweek had another good win at East Shepparton and won on all rinks.

Saturday pennant begins on next Saturday, Division Four go to Avenel and Division Six host Avenel.

Don’t forget our dinners on Thursday after pennant training.

Get well soon to John Firmer who is in the Kyabram hospital. Hope you can soon return home, we all miss you

Division Four v Avenel at Avenel

R Batt A Earl R Dennis J Chant (s)

K Phillips J Gilbert P Hoare J Firmer (s)

C French S Coldwell D Pettifer J Arthur (s)

G Hubble G Pell P Warburton W Shepherd (s)

Cars: Joe David Ken and Wayne

Be at Club rooms by 11.30 am.

Division Six v Avenel at Merrigum

A Roberts K Dennis R Carver B McMeeken (s)

C Quattrocchi C Firmer C Baxter J Bailey (s)

Duty Rink B McMeeken. Be at the clubrooms by 12.30pm to complete the duty activities.

There is no need to be there any earlier.

Valley View

Our ladies were beaten by Deniliquin on Friday. They had three new bowlers. Watch this space: our men won against Rochester by 11 shots. Well done. Teams for Saturday, October 21 against Tongala skip M Finn, G Topp, D Cavell, G Squires, skip C White, K Hastie, R Varcoe, R Donohue, skip B Gawley, P Lyon, B Greenaway, N Tomasini: cars B Greenaway, R Donohue, G Topp: teams in Rob Varcoe window, good bowling.

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