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April 26, 2018

Is the killing of ducks acceptable?

A LETTER from Peter Walsh (Free Press 21/3) supports duck shooters.

The letter is signed off Member For Murray Plains.

Clearly this is a policy announcement. A policy announcement using the letters columns of our local newspaper creates a reasonable expectation that reader’s questions relating to that announcement will be answered.

An Age newspaper letter (20/3) states “one opening morning my retrievers collected over 50 injured and dying ducks in a wetland adjacent to the main hunting area. I defy any shooter to aim and kill a fast flying waterfowl in often low light and sometimes poor visibility due to mist or rain. I was an accomplished shooter but I could never achieve a 100 per cent kill every time I raised my gun to the sky. The result is every season thousands of waterfowl are left to endure a lingering and painful death’’.

A recognised definition of animal cruelty lists “a killing of an animal in an inhumane manner’’.

My question to Peter Walsh: the wounded ducks left to die in the wetlands. Does he consider this acceptable? Does he deny these ducks have been killed in an inhumane manner?

Gerald Bleasdale, Kyabram

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