Movie for Amelia

By Holly Tregenza

Once a local, always a local.

That’s the message from Kyabram woman Liz Sefton who is calling on people to come along to a movie fundraiser for the daughter of former Kyabram Secondary School student Roger Sefton, who is also her brother.

His five year old Amelia was born after an incredibly traumatic delivery and has a version of cerebral palsy that affects all of her limbs.

Although Amelia and Roger now live in the UK, birthplace of Amelia’s mum Natalie, family ties still make Kyabram home.

And while Amelia is unable to feed herself, stand independently or sit up without support, her Aunty Liz says she is still one determined little girl.

“She is also non-verbal but has a lot to say,” said Liz.

Roger’s old school friends Karyn Grealy and Ainslie Boylan have come on board to help with the fundraising.

Liz is calling on the community of Kyabram to stand up and help support the family. The current fundraising is targeted towards allowing the couple to purchase a Thermomix for Amelia, as she can only eat pureed food.

She said the new machine would bring huge relief.

“Every little bit helps. It seems like they constantly have to battle out to get funding, and with Amelia’s health nothing is cheap. This will mean a huge deal to them,” she said.

The fundraiser will take place on February 20 at the Echuca Paramount Cinema. The movie is comedy What Men Want and will commence at 7:30pm. Tickets are available from or by contacting Liz Sefton on 0438 532 261.