Students walk the water talk

By Holly Tregenza

HOW far do you have to walk for clean water?

For many of us, the answer is not far at all. Whether it’s the kitchen sink or bathroom tap, clean, fresh and safe water is never far away.

But the reality for many thousands across the world is different. Some 700 million people — that’s one in 10 people on Earth — lack access to clean water, and 2.3 billion people — a third of the global population — have no basic sanitation.

On Thursday, St Augustine’s College walked a collective 404km in order to gain some perspective on the challenges children in other parts of the world face when collecting clean water.

Students were tasked with carting buckets of water and rice around the oval, with each student averaging 1.6km.

Despite their best efforts, many found the contents of their buckets spilled along the way.

The initiative is part of a larger project by St Augustine’s College to raise funds and awareness for the work of Caritas Australia, which works to create positive change in impoverished communities around the world.