New gym going from strength to strength

By Holly Tregenza

MANY might describe the first year of a new business as a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

But for the team at Mpwr Health and Fitness in Ky, the first 12 months has produced more sweat than most.

The gym has built a reputation for being a non-judgemental, accessible workout space with welcoming staff and a can-do attitude.

Owner Bryan Kennedy admits he started the business with “no idea how it would go”.

But with a full year under their (weight) belt, the gym is thriving.

“It was pretty scary to dive in and give it a go. I went from training 20 people in a boot camp to running a whole gym. But I’m so glad that I did,” he said.

“When I started I thought I’d have clients, but what I’ve actually got is friends.”

That community has been important from the beginning. It hasn’t been all smooth sailing for Bryan, who has battled poor health and lost his dad in March this year.

A passion for wellbeing has helped him remain focused and positive, and it’s become his mission to share that with others.

“It’s about getting strong and fit to keep your mobility throughout your whole life,” he said.

“We have people who come in whose goal is to improve their game on the footy field, but we also work with people who want to be able to comfortably weed the garden.

“For many people equipment is scary – they don’t know what to do. We’ve been able to create an atmosphere where people don’t feel that gym anxiety,” he said.

The team are celebrating their one-year anniversary with an open day tomorrow, and have encouraged anyone who has thought about joining up to come along and have a crack.

And there are some great offers going along with the free gym access, classes and healthy snacks.

If you join up on the day, you’ll be decked out with free Beats headphones and be able to take advantage of a $9.95 per week membership offer.

Existing members can nab either $100 in cash or their own Beats headphone if someone they refer signs up on the day.

Bryan said he’s keen to see some new faces.

“We have a really friendly, open atmosphere and our trainers work with you where you’re at. Come along and check us out,” he said.

Mpwr are now looking towards further growth as they stride into their second year of business.

Bryan hopes to have a nutrition program up and running led by his daughter, Shari, by the end of this year.

“The whole thing has been a big surprise, a big adventure. We’re looking forward to growing and getting even better this year,” he said.

For more info on the open day, visit the Mpwr Facebook page by searching for Mpwr Health and Fitness or call 1800 507 577.