Reaching for the stars

By Tatura Guardian

The Victorian Space Science Education Centre came to Tatura Primary School last month to give students some tips on how to make homemade rockets.

Students were encouraged to reach for the stars while learning about how forces act after building a water rocket and launching it at various stages during the flight and landing process.

Teacher James Nihill said students learned the difference between contact and non-contact forces before creating rockets out of bottles and attaching a nose cone and fins.

He said a big thanks was well earned to the VSSEC for a great day.

‘‘Students filled the bottles with water and once they were half-filled they were plugged into a pre-made launcher, which attached to a pump,’’ Mr Nihill said.

He said the students’ target was to reach 40m.

‘‘They pumped air into their bottles and let them fly all the way to Mars.’’

Students attempted two launches of each rocket.