Local sports clubs calling for more volunteers

Not here to bench sit: President of Stanhope Football Netball Club Jason Leocata.

Volunteers are the backbone of community sports clubs across the country. Those who play at local sports clubs know there’s usually a couple of people that keep clubs afloat and running smoothly.

Research from the Australian Sports Foundation showed 42 per cent of sports clubs reported a decline in volunteering, mainly due to the increase in workload, pressures and having to enforce COVID-19 protocols.

President of Stanhope Football Netball Club Jason Leocata is urging people to get involved in assisting in any little way as he admits its been a struggle running things post-COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s been a battle to get people engaged again with community sport. There is always a need for more hands on deck to ensure the day to day running of the club and games goes according to plan.

“Volunteers are pivotal cause without them we are battling against it.”

The club has been around for 100 years and Mr Leocata says they only hit that milestone due to people volunteering over the journey.

“For us to continue even longer we need people to put their hand up and volunteer to help the club prosper in future years”

He says many of his current volunteers have had to take up multiple roles to help keep the club running effectively.

Mr Leocata spoke of the benefits of being involved in a sports club, including being around a family environment and seeing people get the enjoyment out of your efforts helping keep the club running.

“You get to see your hard work come to fruition every weekend and at the end of the season as well,” he said.

Mr Leocata said you don’t have to be a committee member to help out, just volunteering time umpiring or doing canteen sales can go a long way.