Good cod: Cod season opens December 1. Photo by Getty Images

Understand water changes

Irrigators and service providers wanting to better understand recent changes to Goulburn inter-valley trade and Murray delivery shortfall risk this season can sign up to Agriculture Victoria’s latest irrigation webinar on Tuesday, December 7, from 1pm to 2pm.

The webinar will cover:

  • Understanding Goulburn to Murray water trade, trade limits and factors influencing trade volumes for 2021-22.
  • The recently released Goulburn to Murray IVT Operating Plan and the pattern of water delivery from the Goulburn IVT account.
  • The trade cap in place from December 15 to June 30.
  • What these changes mean for trade volumes and opening and closing of trade.
  • Murray delivery shortfall risk for this season.

Speakers will be from the Retail Water Entitlements and Markets team at DELWP, and will include Alex Murray and Sarah Ryan, who will present on Goulburn to Murray trade, and Penny Clark, who will give a short update on the Murray shortfall risk for this year.

To register for the webinar go to:

For more information call Rob O’Connor on 0408 515 652. The webinar will be recorded.

Catch a carp, canoe at Cohuna

The Cohuna Catch a Carp Day is on again this Sunday, December 5.

“Everyone loves a great day’s fishing, and getting rid of the rabbits of our rivers is the cherry on top,” North Central Catchment Management Authority’s Rachel Murphy said.

“Register from 10am, start fishing from 10.30am, and enjoy lunch on us at 12.30pm.

“There are lots of prizes on offer, and you can learn a bit about the fish in our waterways as well.”

Locals will also have a chance to #GotoGunbower this year and see the difference water for the environment is making to the forest wetlands.

“Canoeing on Reedy Lagoon is a great way to see the beauty of the wetland, and the vegetation and bird life that makes the area so special,” Ms Murphy said.

“We’ll supply the canoes, and you can spend an hour-and-a-half taking in one of the most stunning spots in the region.”

To book, phone 5448 7124 or for more information, click on the Events section of:

Cod season opens

The Murray cod season opens on Wednesday, December 1 following a three-month closure in most waters.

“Victoria now boasts several of Australia’s premier Murray cod fisheries thanks to sensible catch limits, record stockings and substantial improvements to fish habitat and river health,” Victorian Fisheries Authority chief executive officer Travis Dowling said

“One of the best Murray cod fisheries in Victoria is Lake Eildon, which has been stocked with nearly three million cod fingerlings over the last 30 years, primarily funded by recreational fishing licence fees.”

Mr Dowling said in more good news for Murray cod fishers, a two-year research project at Lake Eildon this summer would unlock some of the mysteries about cod movement into the Goulburn River above the lake.

The study will determine if cod in the upper Goulburn River are an active part of the Lake Eildon population or a distinct one of their own.

Twenty Murray cod over the minimum size of 55cm will be tagged with acoustic transmitters that emit a regular ‘ping’ as the fish swims.

Listening stations in the Goulburn Arm of the lake and up the Goulburn River will detect these ‘pings’, recording individual fish movement, depth and speed every time a tagged cod comes within range of a station.

Learn more about the project at: